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NavTree version 1.4.0 release!

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Hi guys,

If you remember,  I wrote a article about my Chrome Extension called NavTree (http://dimaslz.com/2016/04/navtree-for-github-a-new-chrome-extension-for-developers/) and today, I wish to share a special version.

NavTree 1.4.0 for GitHub


Today I released a version 1.4.0, a version that I consider a version stable and with some good features.

  • Preview images
  • Select two types of views, Overlay or integrate into Github UI
  • Cool logo
  • Ctrl+E to show NavTree
  • ESC to exit
  • Now, extension is only available in rotes like: http://github.com/user/repo
  • Official landing with demo: http://dimaslz.github.io/navtree/

Always you can download from https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/navtree-for-github/hehmfcekejdeohjjckmalfemepbbafbe and you can give me feedback and collaborate in https://github.com/dimaslz/navtree

… and you can buy me a coffee like donation for recover energy and continue improving it :)

Buy me a coffee


Still, I have some features that maybe you can help me adding some more:

  • Preview font
  • Preview SVG files
  • Show some message or something when file is zip/rar or not available to show


So, thanks for read me, I hope that this extension helps you.

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