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NavTree version 1.4.0 release!

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Hi guys,

If you remember,  I wrote a article about my Chrome Extension called NavTree ( and today, I wish to share a special version.

NavTree 1.4.0 for GitHub


Today I released a version 1.4.0, a version that I consider a version stable and with some good features.

  • Preview images
  • Select two types of views, Overlay or integrate into Github UI
  • Cool logo
  • Ctrl+E to show NavTree
  • ESC to exit
  • Now, extension is only available in rotes like:
  • Official landing with demo:

Always you can download from and you can give me feedback and collaborate in

… and you can buy me a coffee like donation for recover energy and continue improving it :)

Buy me a coffee


Still, I have some features that maybe you can help me adding some more:

  • Preview font
  • Preview SVG files
  • Show some message or something when file is zip/rar or not available to show


So, thanks for read me, I hope that this extension helps you.

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NavTree for Github, a new chrome extension for developers

Chrome extension, Developer tools, Github, Productivity

I like thing how to do applications for can improve the productivity, and in this case, I had a problem when I browsing for some repository in Github, I find the inconvenience that when I access to a folder, the  page change route and reload page, and you lost the access to files of the folder before and you need to go to last page and again into folder to can follow the flow of a code, and for my this is converted in a madness. Therefore, the usual solution is do a clone of project and can see that in some local editor.

So, to solve to do a clone of each project for can browsing comfortably, I did a chrome extension that like overlay generate a visual UI like editor, to browse around files with more confort.


You have a github repo with the code: and also the url to chrome extension

Don’t worry, I know that the code is not clean and UI can be improved, but this is a WIP project. I have a todo with some ideas to implement and improved like:

  • Improve extension icon
  • Add icons in tree nav
  • Try to integrate the extension into Github UI
  • Open files in tabs into extension to can show some files to the same time
  • Center images
  • Integrate with Github API because now has a limit of requests

I hope that this extension helps you and feel free to collaborate and let me know if you have some feedback.

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