About me

Hello world, I’m Dimas López (aka dimaslz on network), enthusiast software developer. Currently I live in Barcelona from 5 years ago, I was born in Argentina, but also all my live I lived in Tenerife (Canary Island).

I am programmer analyst, like develop anything in any language but right now I focused in Frontend technologies like Angular (1 and 2 version), React and backend with Nodejs and Go.

Also, I like to discover others languages or develop ideas in others technologies. For example, in my free time, always I try to think about a new idea to start an android or ios app. In fact, I have ambitious project called 12meses12apps.com with the idea to build one app by moth during a year.

But not all in my live is only about tech, also I am magician, I do magic tricks with cards, coins, ropes and more, and I like practice Skateboard.

I worked in companies like Trovit (php developer), BeRepublic (developer), FocusOnEmotions(software developer) and Stuart Delivery (lead frontend developer). Right now, I am rest and starting like freelance for clients around the world. If you want to know more about my profesional carrer, please visit my Linkedin Profile or dimaslz.io.

My current interests/learning/stack:
javascript vanilla, angularjs (1 and 2), react, backbone, nodejs, go, php, php-unit, xdebug, wordpress, symfony, ruby, python, vagrant, docker, dokku, mysql, mongodb, CI, jenkins, test e2e, unit test, css, sass, less, postcss, gulp, grunt, webpack, android, ios, rest API, socketIO, RxJS