Why you should need a Google professional account?


This is a article that you never think to write, always you can read some crazy experiences in other peoples, but not for you. So, this is a personal experience that I consider it is important to share.

Even so I like product from Google, their are very revolutionary, easy to use and the awesome integrations with other services.

Today, How is the important the mail for you?, now is like your DNI (ID document), in fact I think that is your virtual DNI. With a mail, we can manage a lot of services, correspondence, contact service, work, friends, family datas etc. And I do a question: Whats happen if you lost your mail, your google drive, mails, contacts and all logins by API integration?

Many people feels like a boss with own Gmail free account, working with office document in cloud, storage a lot information in your free cloud, but take care.

So this is my experience, it was my current problem, at March 21 of current year, I arrived from my holidays in Tenerife, after to relax and eat something to recovery energy and slept a little. When I woke up, I went to take a look my phone and start to recovery the contact with my friends, when I could see something like: “An action is required”. When I tried  to login, my Google account fails and I could not enter, response? Your account has been disabled.

To avoid some comment about, I had a second account for security and my phone number to can receive sms in case of anormal action in my account.

So, all is like  wet paper. My first action were look my second backup mail, and after to check for some notice about posible hacking, except my own login from Tenerife. Next step?, talk with my friend to ask posible solutions and try to find some solution in internet.

During my hell, I spoke with my friends and It seems to be a someone hacked my account, but ok, I did not have any notice about strange start of session. So, searching in Google, I found an article from Oriol Ferré  https://oriolfarre.me/blog/cuenta-google-inhabilitada.html where he explains about a similar case and he had to change a lot of sign in accounts, but in two days it was solved with apologies from google includes, I am did not have the same lucky. However, I still had cross my fingers waiting a possibility to recover my account and avoid to modify more than 50 logins around the net.

Finally, I am tired sending messages to support, messages by twitter but I never could have a solution after some weeks later. Then, I decided to buy me a professional account in Google Apps For Work by 40€/year. With this, I have support 24h every day and can ask any question but still they can not help me about my problem with my free account. I have to say that support guys were very kind and and they tried to do all as possible to find some solution.

When I had my professional account, then I had to change my most important logins: Amazon, Ebay, Paypal, Bank account, Twitter and more than 50 services… Today, I continue changing accounts when I remember… Sometimes, I need to send a special mail with support, with number account, invoice copy o something for validate my authentication.

Practically, my drive documents, I recovered thanks to have sync with my machine, except the files (docs, excel and more) built or shared with Google.

Following, I share some important point that you need take care to lost:

Services access by authentication with “Sign in with Google” button
You have’t access by this method, because this sign in is by API that you need do login to can access. You need to send a mail to support for can explain your problem and accord a method to authenticate.

With a free account of Gmail you have not support:
You have not support, you can not call to anybody.

Google photos, bye bye to your remembers
This is a service that Google released one year ago, unlimited space to upload your pictures. Why you should to trust in this service if you have not support if you have some problem like this?. You will lost everything!.

Email, correspondence, you will lost contacts
Do you can imagine that every people that have your mail and it will imposible contact with you? This case for a freelance with possible clients, could be a hell.

History navigation and bookmarks of Chrome
Before to change your account in Chrome, you can do a copy of folder “bookmarks” into directory of app and paste into the same directory when you have changed your account.

Reputation, work associate
For example, if you have applications in Play Store, with you Free Gmail account, reputation in G+ like developer and more, you will lost it. Also, if you win back the account, neither you can not do migrate this reputation, licenses, purchased articles like music, books, devices (you will lost warranty)

Business, stats about yours sites
Your work from sites, money from AdSense or from your Youtube account, investment in AdWord to promote yours business, important stats… You will lost it

Google docs documents
You will lost all documents that you have generated by Google docs.

I had all contacts stored in my Gmail account and I win back that thanks to my IPad, where I never removed my gmail account.

Reset your Android:
You will need reset your android to change the main account. But take care, you need to do a backup before.

After all that, an important and last advice, you should to do a Google Apps for Work account, is very cheap, only 40€/year and you will have profesional and good support about any problem. Despite this, Google have the best cloud platform for work, confortable and very professional.

Thanks for read!

PD: Sorry for my english. Now I try to write in english to learn little by little :)


NavTree version 1.4.0 release!

Chrome extension, Developer tools, Github

Hi guys,

If you remember,  I wrote a article about my Chrome Extension called NavTree (http://dimaslz.com/2016/04/navtree-for-github-a-new-chrome-extension-for-developers/) and today, I wish to share a special version.

NavTree 1.4.0 for GitHub


Today I released a version 1.4.0, a version that I consider a version stable and with some good features.

  • Preview images
  • Select two types of views, Overlay or integrate into Github UI
  • Cool logo
  • Ctrl+E to show NavTree
  • ESC to exit
  • Now, extension is only available in rotes like: http://github.com/user/repo
  • Official landing with demo: http://dimaslz.github.io/navtree/

Always you can download from https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/navtree-for-github/hehmfcekejdeohjjckmalfemepbbafbe and you can give me feedback and collaborate in https://github.com/dimaslz/navtree

… and you can buy me a coffee like donation for recover energy and continue improving it :)

Buy me a coffee


Still, I have some features that maybe you can help me adding some more:

  • Preview font
  • Preview SVG files
  • Show some message or something when file is zip/rar or not available to show


So, thanks for read me, I hope that this extension helps you.

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NavTree for Github, a new chrome extension for developers

Chrome extension, Developer tools, Github, Productivity

I like thing how to do applications for can improve the productivity, and in this case, I had a problem when I browsing for some repository in Github, I find the inconvenience that when I access to a folder, the  page change route and reload page, and you lost the access to files of the folder before and you need to go to last page and again into folder to can follow the flow of a code, and for my this is converted in a madness. Therefore, the usual solution is do a clone of project and can see that in some local editor.

So, to solve to do a clone of each project for can browsing comfortably, I did a chrome extension that like overlay generate a visual UI like editor, to browse around files with more confort.


You have a github repo with the code: https://github.com/dimaslz/navtree and also the url to chrome extension https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/navtree-for-github/hehmfcekejdeohjjckmalfemepbbafbe

Don’t worry, I know that the code is not clean and UI can be improved, but this is a WIP project. I have a todo with some ideas to implement and improved like:

  • Improve extension icon
  • Add icons in tree nav
  • Try to integrate the extension into Github UI
  • Open files in tabs into extension to can show some files to the same time
  • Center images
  • Integrate with Github API because now has a limit of requests

I hope that this extension helps you and feel free to collaborate and let me know if you have some feedback.

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My experience with Angular2 – (project and npm package)

Angular2, AngularJS, Javascript

I have about 2 year with Angular, with the first version, and I have a some repos with that about a little experiments for specifics ideas.

Here, my last repo: https://github.com/dimaslz/angular1.x-es6-webpack

And now, from some months ago, I have started to test with Angular2, the new tendency :). As you can know, now Angular2 is  oriented by components, like ReactJS. You can see that all files are like “directives”, and the control into this class is the controller. I will talk about only some differences and curiosities, I will not enter in deep how to work with Angular2.

Now, in your template, you and use the component like  <app></app>,<div app></div>,<div class="app"></div> in the html as previous version. Is not necessary add ng-app, ng-controller like Angular1.x.

The component that you want use in html (app for example), should be have this code:

Other thing that has changed, is the service, provider and factory not exist, only Service.

Ran out the doubts about if we should use service, provider or factory to do a service.

And other thing important for me, is that now is very easy to do a load lazy a component, you have not use libs like ocLazyLoad

Finally, Angular2 is very very easy to learn, the transition from Angular1.x it has been confortable, only you need to dedicate time to search and try thing to understand.

During my learning, I tried to do a component and also I published it for know how to do a library and install it in other project, and was born the following npm package:

And I did the component ng2-notify

This component is for show a notification in the UI when you do some action. You can see a demo in following url: http://dimaslz.github.io/ng2-notify/ ( https://github.com/dimaslz/ng2-notify ) Now, it is a 1.3.o version with Angular2 Beta 9.
Please!! if yo have some doubt, find some bug or you want a feature, let me know and open a Pull Request about.


So, it is all, if you want show a little project, I did (I am doing fix and improvements little by little) a little project http://todoapp.dimaslz.io/#/tasks/allhttps://github.com/dimaslz/todoApp-angular2 ) with gulp, nodeJS + MongoDB for API, SASS (compass).

Thanks for read me, I hope that my experience that helped you.

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Use uncss, rid of unnecessary css and tips


Hi, other thing to share about my experience. This time, I talk about a plugin uncss to delete all css unused in own project.

For use that, you have a extension plugin for the commons task runners like gulp (gulp-uncss) and grunt (grunt-uncss). To write examples, I will use gulp!.

The code is simple, only are some lines into a task:

You can see that before to use uncss, if you use sass, you should to compile sass before to apply uncss. This plugin only find css tags into html files, but, there are a good practice (learned thanks to my friend Frank Parejo) that is add a naming “js-…) to all css that is executed or created into any javascript files, and into param “ignore” add all css with “js-…” to avoid to remove it. Get a look to uncss to learn more about.

This practice is very recommended. Always I use bootstrap to build my web projects, because is opensource, has a big support by twitter team and is very simple to learn, and you can down about 75% the weight of your css files when you are using a css framework like bootstrap/fundation.

For webpack, there are a famous solution called PurifyCss that also you can use with gulp and grunt

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